Ubuntu not showing internet connection automatically

I have faced this issue, when I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and connected LAN cable, it was not showing any internet connection. Same connection configured properly in WiFi router but that did not work in PC with Ubuntu. After some search, found the thread that helped me detect and fix the issue.

Ref Link : Wired Ethernet not getting detected

This issue is for new ethernet hardware for Ubuntu 14.04 (later released hardwares) and drivers not available with default Ubuntu, so you have to download and install the drivers for Ubuntu to detect the ethernet hardware and connect to internet. To download, compile and install the driver, first go to http://linuxwireless.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6 and download the file named “compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2” (you can’t download it in the terminal because of anti-hotlinking). Save it to your desktop. Then run these commands (the first two commands require that you either have an Internet connection, or have your Ubuntu installation CD enabled as a software repository):

Then reboot. Hopefully your ethernet will work automatically after reboot; if not, run:

This worked for me for first time, but it required another effort to keep it running, if this helps but if next time you switch on the PC and same issue happens, just try this code below

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