Must Have Magento Extensions – Easy Template Path Hints

As may of you may know – Magento has one very nice feature to check path of template files in admin for developers using which you can debug issues, customize templates and layouts and so on. This is a very nice and helpful feature, but only one thing restricts developers to use on live site is, when you enable this feature – it shows red lines and ugly display on live site, so you can not use it on live site.

To overcome this, there is an extension that has solved this issue and now developers can use the same feature without affecting live site display. Easy Template Path Hints extension does this task for us. You can install this extension directly using Magento Connect Manager or just download and install manually. Click Here to install this extension.

In case, if your Magento Connect Manager has any issues with direct installation, you can use this link all you have to do is, copy+paste extension key and submit query, it will show archive extension file to download, that you can download and install manually.

Nilamkumar Patel

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