Matrubhasha Abhiyan (માતૃભાષા અભિયાન)

Matrubhasha Abhiyan

માતૃભાષા અભિયાન : ભાષા અને સંસ્કૃતિના જતન માટેનું અભિયાન

“Matrubhasha Abhiyan ” (માતૃભાષા અભિયાન) is a social linguistic campaign for Gujarati Language by and is organizing various sessions, meetings, seminars, workshops and other activities to accelerate literary works creation in Gujarati.

The organisation is established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and various activities being organized by them mostly in Ahmedabad. Web portal and services available globally for all Gujarati people.

The organization has been organizing various activities under its umbrella.

  1. Matrubhasha Olympiad (માતૃભાષા ઓલિમ્પિયાડ)
    • Gujarati language related competitions have been organized at various places.  Storeytelling, Oratory, Writing, Poetry, Writing essays, Storywriting on specific topics, competition on finding out specific and related words from dictionary, Antakshari play, etc.
    • Sugam Sangeet, Garba, Folk dances, Drama, Solo performances, etc competitions also organized
    • In the year 2016, approx 300 schools have participated voluntarily, winners of the competetions are honoured with various prices and appreciated.
  2. Pustak Parab
    • “Pustak Parab” has become very popular in a short span of time. Currently, it has been successfully organized at 70 different places in Gujarat alone.
    • Pustak Parab is being arranged at all these places on the first sunday of every month between 7:30 – 9:00 AM and approx 2,50,000 books have been interchanged free of cost so far.
    • The organization is actively working on increasing such centers to at least 140+
  3. Granth Mandir (Sheri Pustakalay)
    • Under this project, special and quality literature provided to readers at their nearest places.
    • Total 22 such Granth Mandir are operational with the noble thought of contributing one’s time, place, books, cabintes for keeping books (bookshelves) by public partenership.
  4. Bhasha Shikshan ane Shikshakoni Taalim
    • For the sake of using proper and grammatically correct language and its promotion, one day training seminars arranged successfully by “District Education Training Sangh” and keeping in mind the concerns of schools on proper and correct grammatical usage of language, topics like basic things like linguistic skills, feel and taste of the language, poetry reciting art and story telling art are arranged.
    • The speciality of this project is that the subject experts from all over Gujarat contribute their valuable time and share knowlege with them.
  5. Alabhya Pustak Sangrahalay
    • For this project, printed or published rare books (older than 1oo years and more)  which are not supposed to be printed or published again, are categorized and collected, stored with the help of the best literary experts  and kept at “Alabhya Pustak Sangrahalay” Matrubhasha Abhiyan Karyalay
  6. Gujarati Online Abhyaskram
    • Matrubhasha abhiyan has successfully completed Gujarati Online Course inspired by Director of Languages, Govt of Gujarat. The course is designed with scientific methods keeping in mind current language scenario. This will be available on different websites and mobile app will be developed soon.
  7. Baalsahitya – Shanisabha
    • Baal Sahitya – Child Literature is also one of the important projects of Matrubhasha Abhiyan. Purpose behind this is to appreciate writers create more and better literature in child category and reach out to more and more people. Writers recite their unpublished orignial poems and tell stories to children and get feedback from literary people gathered there, this helps them create better child literature and understand real audience.
  8. Dada – Dadi no otlo
    • In your childhood, many of you must have experienced charm of listening stories, folk tales and poems from your grandparents. To make children feel the same experience in cities where this is slowly vanishing, because of people moving out of jobs leaving separately from their parents, this project is to re-engage children with that experience again.
  9. Vaali no chotro
    • This is an open discussion project for children and parents/guardians. Today, people’s lives living in mega/metro city areas have become fast and busy with lots of hurdles and hardships doing jobs and earning money. Many parents and guardians can’t give enough time to children and the gap is widening, they are clueless many times, “Vaali no Chotro” is the platform for such people to discuss, exchange views and difficulties or confusions/complexities here and get some better solution.
  10. Baal pustak parab
    • This project is same as pustak parab, but dedicated for children, to make them habitutal to read books, specifically gujarati books, exchange books and they get engaged and interested in reading, is the main purpose of this, because they are the future and will be in driving seat in near future.
  11. Utsavo ni ujavani
    • Organisation celebrates many festivals and arrange activities, celebrating Dalpatram Jayanti, Vishwamatrubhashadin celebrations, Narmad-Meghani parv celebrations, etc. are organized every year.
  12. Some of the projects are under consideration or under active development like :
    • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    • “Paraspar” and “Yuva Rasaswad Mandal”
    • Gujarati Wikipedia
    • Digitization

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