Co-Working Spaces – concept for freelancers and startups

‘Co-Working Space’ – this is a new word for many and very common among startups and freelancers in tech community. The word is gaining popularity slowly because it is still not much known to sluggish IT industry in Tier II, III cities and towns in India. However, this is very popular among young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who love to socialize and share ideas and thinking of bootstrapping startups.

This is basically a place where many people from different technical / non-technical backgrounds share office space or a large space on rental basis, that depends on the facilities provided and need of those co-workers. These can be freelancers, writers, bloggers, small startups, etc. The concept is very interesting in which where you can not individually afford office space for yourself because of lots of technical issues like high rent, agreements, separate Internet connection, furniture and all, you can have all these for small amount of rent to be paid to manager of working space, same like students to libraries. Main advantage is cost effective and productive environment, you can build more connections rather than sitting at home or in your personal office and stay refreshed and positive. You may find co-founders or partners for your venture you are thinking to start and many more.

For more details, just search for coworking space in India and you will find many, also some sites keep record of such places and choose the best suited as per your needs.


Nilamkumar Patel

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